Hi. I’m Michael and I draw on the experience of over 20 years of assignments across many photographic genres to deliver creative images which put people at their centre. I’ve a tendency towards composition that gives stature or even some heroic tone to the subject. I like to take considered, controlled images. I’m a commercial photographer and very aware of my role as a ‘business solution’. I’m here to achieve a great interpretation of your brief, not fit square pegs into round holes by forcing my style onto you or a reluctant subject....‘constructive conversation’ is however also part of my role ! I lived for many years between London & Brighton, having a studio in the latter, but recently relocated to Dorset where I'm attempting to 'self build' a subterranean house with Jo, my speech therapist partner of 18 years. Mountain biking, triathlon...and now dog walking, accounts for the spare time.
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